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Evade Single Malt Whisky

Evade Single Malt Whiskey is the first French single malt whiskey. Launched in 2019 by one of the most prestigious companies in France, Whiskies Du Monde, specializing in high-end whiskeys. We welcome Évadé handcrafted in France. From the cultivation of barley to the barrels, passing through the art of its distillation, aging and mixing. Évadé brilliantly embodies the best French craftsmanship. Sublimated by a modern and original design in the colors of the national flag, the brand invites you to escape from the daily routine by creating unique moments during your tasting and tasting. Évadé is a complete range of whiskeys designed, distilled and aged in France, without colorants, without filtering and without additives. The range consists of three references: Evade Single Malt, Evade Single Malt Peated and Evade Single Malt Red Wine Finish. Each of them comes with a unique and differentiated aromatic profile that reveals true French know-how. The Évadé line is designed to impress right out of the box. This is a range of single malt whiskeys that are sure to become your instant favorites. Évadé is a shining testament to all the best that French artisans have to offer …From the cultivation of barley to the cooking, distillation, aging and mixing of the spirits. Evade Single Malt Whiskey is aged and distilled in France. Without a cold filter and free of additives and artificial colors, Évadé is made exclusively from French raw materials. Double distillation in Charente stills.
Nose: Voluptuous, flavor of nuts, dark chocolate, heather honey, cooked apple.Flavor: Rich, tart flambé, caramel syrup, maple, syrup, nutmeg.Finish: Persistent caramel and hardwood flavor.Hamburg peat lends botanical aromas.Let yourself go! For something totally new!

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