Bowmore 15 Year Old


  • Nose: Smoky and maritime with hints of sea salt and seaweed.
  • Palate: Rich and complex with flavors of dark chocolate, peat smoke, and tropical fruits.
  • Finish: Long and warming, with a lingering sweetness and a touch of spice.

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The Bowmore 15 Year Old single malt Scotch whisky is a distinguished expression that embodies the essence of Islay, a region renowned for its peaty, maritime-influenced whiskies. This age statement whisky from Bowmore, one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries dating back to 1779, reflects both tradition and innovation in its craftsmanship.

At its core, Bowmore 15 Year Old is celebrated for its balanced complexity. It is matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks, allowing for a nuanced interplay of flavors. Upon pouring, it reveals a rich amber hue, inviting anticipation of its aromatic profile.

The nose opens with a harmonious blend of sweet ripe fruits, mingling with subtle peat smoke and a hint of sea salt. Notes of dark chocolate and oak emerge, underscoring its depth. On the palate, the whisky unfolds layers of flavors: ripe berries and citrus zest intermingle with gentle smoke, complemented by vanilla and caramelized nuts. The influence of sherry casks adds a delicate spiciness and a velvety texture, creating a satisfying mouthfeel.

The finish is long and warming, leaving a lingering sweetness alongside whispers of smoke and oak. Each sip of Bowmore 15 Year Old is a journey through the rugged landscape of Islay, where the sea meets the peat bogs, encapsulating the essence of its terroir.

Ideal for whisky enthusiasts seeking depth and refinement, Bowmore 15 Year Old is a testament to the artistry of Islay whisky-making. Whether enjoyed neat or with a splash of water, it promises a memorable sensory experience that invites contemplation and appreciation of its complex character.

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